Specialist Option:

As well as the core areas, candidates are required to demonstrate evidence of independent practice in one or more specialist options. This reflects the fact that, although there are common areas of work for learning technologists, practice is extremely diverse and everyone specialises in something different.

Specialist area:

I've never really considered what my "speciality" is when it comes to using educational technology as I've always just done what I thought needed doing at the time.   But, upon reflection, I believe it is to fair to claim that my specialist area is expertise in using technology to support teaching and learning.

In 2016 my team received an award for Innovation in Teaching and it is littered with examples of how we use technology to support teaching and learning.  This is a recurring pattern.  I am not a believer in using tech for the sake of using tech.  There has to be a clear benefit to my students.

I have also presented at conferences on this aspect of my work e.g. see https://researchspace.auckland.ac.nz/handle/2292/28098.