Core area 2: Teaching, learning and/or assessment processes

Candidates should demonstrate their understanding of and engagement with teaching, learning and assessment processes. ‘Engagement’ may include using understanding to inform the development, adaptation or application of technology.

Note that your learners are the people with whom you work. For teaching staff this will typically be students. For many learning technologists this may be students or the staff that you support and train.

a)     An understanding of teaching, learning and/or assessment processes

University of Auckland Workshops:

I have completed a huge number of internal workshops on Teaching and Learning.  Topics from just the last year or two include (but are not limited to):

  • Team Based Learning
  • Teaching International Students
  • Using screencasts in teaching
  • Graduate Profiles: What attributes ensure graduates thrive?
  • Blended Learning:  Engaging learners in a blended learning environment
  • Student Engagement
  • Designing Groupwork that works

Ako Aoteaora Workshops:

I have also attended Ako Aoteaora Workshops on:

  • Teaching Excellence.
  • Using student evaluations to enhance teaching practice.

ISOM Teaching improvement Group

UABS 1st year group

UABS Learning and Teaching Committee:

b)     An understanding of your target learners


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