Contextual Statement

The contextual statement should provide a concise biography, outlining your career history and current role(s), highlighting briefly the operational context in which you work or have worked, and reflecting on why you are submitting your portfolio for CMALT and how this relates to your future career aspirations.

I am a Professional Teaching Fellow (PTF) in the Information Systems and Operations Management Department at The University of Auckland Business School (UABS). You can view my staff profile here.  I have spent my entire career at the University of Auckland.  I started as a Tutor in 2000, became a Senior Tutor in 2001 and was promoted to Professional Teaching Fellow in 2011.

As a PTF I am an academic with a primary focus on teaching and academic service.   I currently teach INFOSYS110 Business Systems, which is a core stage 1 undergraduate paper with an enrolment of approximately 2200 students each year.  I also teach a stage 3 course, INFOMGMT392 Data Visualisation.

I love information technology hence my involvement in an Information Systems department.  My work on INFOSYS110 has necessitated extensive use of educational technology due to the huge numbers of students in my classes.  I am an innovator and I love to share effective tools and ways of doing things.

I serve on the UABS Learning and Teaching Committee due to my expertise with learning technologies.  I am the Deputy Chair of The University of Auckland IT Faculty Forum and the academic representative on The University of Auckland Continuous Improvement Program Steering Committee.  

I am interested in achieving CMALT accreditation for a number of reasons:

  1. I have been involved in the use of technology for many years but I have never formally sought an accreditation.  I believe that I achieving CMALT accreditation I could validate my professional experience.  
  2. I think that compiling this portfolio will be useful in of itself.  The process of compiling this portfolio will provide an opportunity for reflection on my practice.
  3. I wish to encourage my colleagues at The University of Auckland to pursue accreditation opportunities and I feel I should practice what I preach.
  4. I am also about to apply for Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and there are a number of overlapping areas in both portfolios so it makes sense to do both at the same time.

Achieving CMALT accreditation will help my career by providing a formal recognition of my experience which should potentially open the door to some interesting opportunities.